Public vs. Private?

Welcome to the very first blog entry on the JR Koch Team Blog page! This blog entry, “Public vs. Private?” was inspired by a recent meeting with clients who will be listing their home with the JR Koch Team in the near future.  These clients are wanting to sell their home for 2 primary reasons, to move into a more desirable public school system, acquire more sq. footage and a additional bedroom. This raises the question, “Is it better to remain in a home that you love and pay for private schooling?” or “Is it better to try to sell your current home and buy in a more desirable school district?” Of course, the decision is always up to you, but here are some things to think about:

Selling a home in a less desirable school district is sometimes a challenge:

  • Your home could potentially sit on the market for quite a while. This may impact your ability to buy a home in a different area if you must make your offer contingent upon the sale of your current home.
  • Your home may not sell for the value that you feel it is worth because of the area/school district that it is located within.

Private School Pros/Cons/Misconceptions

  • Class size is small with 18:1 ratio compared to many public schools with   25:1 ratio
  • Many offer competitive athletics and extracurricular activities
  • Many offer competitive academics with STEM/STREAM based programs
  • May not be equipped to provide support to special needs students beyond resource support

Misconceptions (must be Catholic, too expensive, etc)

  • do not need to be Catholic to attend Catholic schools
  • many schools have scholarships available to assist with cost

Here are a couple articles with more information to consider

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